Celebrating This Christmas Within Your Business Giving Fair Trade Corporate Gifts

by Andrea Ashley-Brown October 25, 2020

Ethical Fair Trade Corporate Gifts


Celebrate Workplace Giving With Fair Trade Corporate Gifts

Give a gift with extra meaning this Christmas by supporting our Uplift Fair Trade artisans.

Uplift Fair Trade’s vision is to educate and empower people here in Australia, to uplift people all over the world who are poor and marginalised. We exist to help abolish the human trafficking and slavery industry through Fair Trade.

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to help others on the journey towards making different, more ethical choices. You may have heard of Fair Trade, but have trouble accessing products that are ethical, empower producers and end the cycle of hopelessness.

COVID has been tough on everyone. Our artisans are finding it especially hard. Many of their orders have been canceled and some are struggling to put food on the table as they have no government support. No work equals no income. 

Buying a socially conscious Uplift Fair Trade gift shows your clients and staff you care and helps raise ethical awareness. 

Our gifts can help you reflect you and your business’s social values and support our Fair Trade artisans. By giving an ethical gift this Christmas you can help share our artisans inspiring stories from India, Nepal.

We have a wide range of unique and ethical gifts that you can select below or we can tailor a gift to suit your needs and budget.  

Our Uplift Fair Trade gifts are available throughout the year. We also offer Guest Speaking and Education opportunities to bring an additional perspective about social values to events.

To place an order or discuss any of our other services, please contact us on;


Andrea Ashley-Brown
Andrea Ashley-Brown


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