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Fair Trade Ethical Papier-Mache Painted Pink Heart Box

Care Kashmir

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Fair Trade Ethical Homewares Decoration Heart Box in Pink

This lovely Fair Trade heart-shaped box is made of papier-mâché and hand-painted A great gift idea for a family member or significant other, useful to store jewellery, trinkets or finely sized collections. A container with a bright vibrant appearance that will stand out on any table, office or workbench!

From recycled, sustainable paper and paste the Artisans beat, grind and shape the pulp mixture (sakhta) onto a wooden mould. Shaping with a smoothening tool into a heart it is then left to dry. Once dried it is cut, mould taken away and smoothened out for a cleaner finish. Then it’s painted a base colour then carefully painted its artistic design, and finally finished with a safe, synthetic, unleaded varnish.

10cm in diameter

Uplifting people in India who have a disability, often because of the effects of leprosy, polio and other childhood illnesses. This project aims to develop artisan's skills and empowers them to earn a living - Care Kashmir

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