Anna Spoore - Full Bio

Anna Spoore is a gifted communicator with a heart for creating a more just world through the vehicle of Fair Trade. Anna lives and breathes Fair Trade and works to equip ordinary Aussies to make ethical purchasing choices that empower people who are poor and marginalised.


Anna hopes to make a contribution to growing the Fairtrade movement in Australia and to help make Fairtrade easy and accessible. Anna has a busy speaking schedule, applying her love for public speaking and natural ability to connect with people to the task of helping Aussies understand Fair Trade. Her warmth, hopefulness and infectious passion allow her to connect with people in all different community settings, sharing about Fair Trade, ethical consumption and telling wonderful stories about people who are lifting themselves out of poverty through Fair Trade.



In 2011 Anna began travelling back and forth to India, speaking face-to-face with people living under the weight of unjust labour practices. Her aim: To “follow the thread” – a mission in seeking to understand the people and systems involved in making the products we use. Anna sells Fair Trade products through her two businesses, Change Threads [hyperlink to CT website] and Uplift. These businesses directly support over forty-five groups around the world that train and empower people to use their craft skills to earn a living creating exquisite, quality handy-crafts that fund important development work in their communities.

Consultation and Speaking Engagements

Anna also offers Fair Trade business consultation services [hyperlink to Business consulting page], sharing her wealth of knowledge with businesses who want to follow the thread of their own supply chain, leading them on a journey and facilitating a connection to the people who have made the products they sell. When Anna speaks she demonstrates the years of experience and knowledge she has gained through her work with World Vision Australia and NGOs on the ground in India and Nepal, as well as her knack for connecting with young people as a Youth Pastor in a local Church. She is the mother of four girls and wants to see all children offered the same opportunities as her daughters. [END EXPANDED SECTION]