Click and Collect

Click and Collect Uplift Fair Trade

Get Your Fair Trade Goods Using Click and Collect!

We have now released a new way for you to get your Fair Trade goods. Click and Collect allows you to browse and buy our products from our online store and save the extra cost of shipping.


  • Browse Fair Trade products online without having to browse around in our physical shop (good for people who like shopping around online).


  • Easy and ethical shopping experience for our lovely Blue Mountains locals 


  • Buy your products online, don't pay shipping. 



How Does it Work?

It works by using a discount code at the the checkout (on our online store), and then picking up your already purchased goods from our physical shop. The discount code you use depends on your location, see below for more details.


Click and Collect Discount Codes


Blaxland: (Coming Soon...)


Click and Collect Discount Code Location

 You'll find the area to put the discount code at the checkout



Are you ready to click and collect your Fair Trade, ethical goods?


Start Shopping Now!



Disclaimer: Using these discount codes means you must pick up your products from the appropriate Uplift Fair Trade Physical Store. These discount codes are NOT available for people who won't be able to pick up their goods from one of our stores.

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