Donate a vaccine for one of our artisans in India

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We are so privileged in Australia that we are able to receive our vaccines for free. Unfortunately in India, this is not the case. Many people in India have had to face the tough decision to either put food on the table or get vaccinated resulting in many families not yet getting vaccinated. 

Unfortunately, there has been another COVID case in the tailoring unit in Bangalore this week and there is an urgent need to vaccinate the rest of the sewing unit. 

The cost of Covisheild in a private hospital in Banglore is around $30. We have added an option to pay for their transportation from their home and private hospital as well as food for the day which comes to around $40. We have added a $5 processing fee so we can pay GST and transfer the funds internationally. 

There are 250 individuals in the sewing training school that we would like to now like to offer vaccines to since we have been able to provide 12 double doses of vaccines to the women who have graduated the program and are coming into the sewing unit most days. Thank you. 

Please note the artisans are not being forced to be vaccinated, they have come out to us asking for help to supply vaccines to the sewing unit. 

Read more about the ladies at project hennu here 


Thank you everyone !!!! we have made our first aim !!! enough to give 16 double doses so far, and they are booked in to get them over the weekend. This will vaccinate all ladies in our sewing unit, our production manger's 2 older children who come to visit the unit regularly and 2 of the master tailors who are Men. Lets keep it coming so we can start to provide vaccines for the community women in the slum who have been through our sewing programs and who work at home when they can :) We are so grateful for the support so far. Your Donation is saving lives.