Fair Trade Ethical Fabric Hanging Angel Decoration Assorted

Fair Trade, Ethical Fabric Angel Ornament 

Cute angel ornament from Blue Mango, a women's Fair Trade project in India. 

  • Made from repurposed cotton cloth scraps

  • Handcrafted 

  • Unique prints 

  • Perfect for gifts or hanging on your tree

  • Support marginalised women who are disabled, widowed or living with AIDS


The fabric used to make this item has been saved from becoming landfill. Thank you for choosing a sustainable option supporting eco-fashion. 

Who Made The Product - Blue Mago

This product was made by Blue Mango. This project is uplifting people in Southern India who support marginalised women who are disabled, deserted, widowed or living with AIDS to support their larger community. 

Check out the following link to see the full story of the artisans that made this product: 

https://upliftfairtrade.com.au/pages/blue-mango - Blue Mango

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