Fair Trade "Take Courage my Daughter" Bracelet

Hand-braided thread, 18K gold-plated pendant.  Adjustable

Courageous Heart is a dainty hand-braided bracelet that carries a bold reminder. Hand-made by women who are courageously rebuilding their lives after escaping slavery, this miniature heart hangs as an invitation for both mother and daughter to live a life of courageous love.

Mei Mei, the brave young mother who inspired this collection, loves with inspiring courage. When she spoke about her trafficking experience her words demanded a collection of jewelry to respond to her call to action.

 “Within the space of four years I lost my identity, lost my daughter, lost my dignity, lost my freedom and then was put in prison like a common criminal. I am just one; there are thousands and thousands of my sisters who are still being exploited. I am speaking on their behalf. Please, when you have the opportunity, help bring my sisters home. Fight for the rights of trafficking victims, for their freedom and dignity.”

These delicate jewelry pieces carry a bold reminder to end injustice by living a life of courageous love.

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