Fair Trade Ethical Stainless Steel Re-Usable Straw

Fair Konnect

Fair Trade Ethical Stainless Steel Re-Usable Straw

Do you know the plastic straws that we casually toss away can reach the oceans and take away the lives of gentle turtles?

Its time to ditch the plastic straw. Sip your drinks sustainably now!

Made from food-grade stainless steel which is considered to be the premium quality stainless steel durability, corrosion-resistant and BPA free. These straws can be used over and over again and last up to a lifetime if properly taken care of. 
Easy to carry, next time when you are going out, grab your stainless steel straw and when you feel like having a drink go for it knowing that you are not contributing to landfill or plastic in our oceans. 
Length: Approx. 20 cm - 21.5 cm

Lovingly made from producers at Fair Konnect.

Fair Konnect aims to transform the lives of India's urban poor, creating sustainable employment, investing in skill development and earning capability of vulnerable women. Situated in the heart of three major slum communities in Bangalore, they offer excellent working conditions and provide tailoring training courses coupled with the provision to complete their 10th and 12th exams, computer classes and English studies.

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