Fair Trade, Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts


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Why Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are an excellent way of gift-giving in the corporate space whether it’s saying thanks, celebrating Christmas, wishing your colleagues happy birthday or even celebrating an achievement with your team.


Our Corporate Gifts Are Fair Trade, Ethical, Sustainable and Eco Friendly.

Keep in mind, we don’t package the corporate gifts using plastic. All our actions are made with respect to the 10 Fair Trade Principles and one of them is to respect the environment and encourage eco friendly shopping.


Who's The Corporate Fair Trade Gifts For it for?

Our Fair Trade, ethical corporate gifts are designed for people in the corporate environment including:

  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Colleagues
  • Clients/customers

 Fair Trade Ethical Corporate Gift Ideas

Why Get Fair Trade, Ethical Corporate Gifts With Uplift Fair Trade?

Corporate gift-giving is a great idea, but it’s even better when the gifts are Fair Trade, ethical, eco friendly and sustainably made. 


We exist to help grow the Fair Trade movement and put a stop to human trafficking and slavery. We are focused on achieving the ten principles of Fair Trade in all our actions. 

  • We aim to be Ethical
  • We aim to be Empower disadvantaged people around the world
  • We aim to practice the 10 Fair Trade Principles in all our actions


Want Custom Designed Corporate Gifts?

Sometimes buying a Fair Trade, ethical gift the way it is just isn’t enough for corporate gifts. If that’s the case for your team, we are offering custom features for your gifts. 

  • Get custom designs on your products
  • Put your logo on your Fair Trade, ethical products

If you’re not too sure if it can happen, just ask us and we will see what we can do!


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Want to Buy Corporate Gifts in Bulk?

Buying lots of corporate Fair Trade, ethical gifts? Is your team huge? If you’re buying in bulk you can get access to wholesale prices and save yourself some money while encouraging and supporting Fair Trade!


Talk to us today and we will see if you’re legible for wholesale.


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Who Makes Our Fair Trade, Ethical Corporate Gifts?

We work directly with projects all over the world (yes,we eliminate the middle man from the traditional supply chain). Each project we work with has a different aim and specialises in making different products. It's so important to us that we help improve the lives of the artisans who made our products. 


See Our Partner Groups


See the story below of some people and groups who make our products!




Do our Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable corporate gifts sound right for you?


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