Uplift is excited to announce some of the highlights of our impact study for the last 5 years.


Uplift have been working hard at considering the current hardships of our artisans, with major Fair Trade organisations closing globally or downsizing (including Oxfam) means many of our artisans do not have sustainable long term work. Although we are small in comparison, we believe through great strategy, and your help, we can achieve our goal to double our impact in the next 2.5 years.

In Australia, Uplift wants to:

  • Expand by launching wholesale - Accessible Fair Trade through stores throughout Australia 
  • Increase our sales through our Website
  • Increase sales through Portable Shops.

To do this successfully we will need to fundraise $75, 000 over the next year to be able to help our Artisans achieve more sustainable livelihoods for the long term.

We have identified 4 major areas we need to work on with our artisans to achieve this.

  1. Helping our disadvantaged Artisans procure ethically sourced materials up front, giving a “hand up” not a hand out and funding the first lot of raw materials for an increase in production. This is giving them a chance to start new designs and developments without fear of how to get the money up front to achieve this.

  2. Resourcing, auditing and training - This is all about identifying what is holding our Artisan groups back from growth or being sustainable long term and helping them through those barriers. It could be a question of design, quality control, not having the equipment to do the job or the access to the right materials. Uplift is aiming to audit some of our groups who are struggling to identify these things and offer support, training or equipment i.e. one of our sewing groups who are used to making toys wants to increase their sales by diversifying into garments, However, we have identified they need some training in quality control and seam-finishing to make their garments marketable in Australia. They also need a button hole machine if they wish to make larger quantities of garments. Infrastructure for Artisans for timely delivery and great quality products. 

  3. Design development and design school - In order to get products made that will sell here in Australia, it is essential we work with our Artisans on design development, respecting and upholding traditional methods of art. One of the ways we want to do this is to develop a design school here in Australia for Australian designers to learn how work with Fair Trade Artisans and get their design made Fair Trade and ethical. We see this as a win win situation. Win for the designer knowing their product is being made ethically as well as win for the Artisan, giving more opportunity for work and collaboration. After 7 years working with Artisans as well as having staff on the ground in India, we believe we are in the best position in Australia to offer this to people.

  4. Marketing of new products & developments – Advertising and getting the word out there is essential for growth. Uplift has grown organically over the last 5 years by word of mouth but it’s time for us to really start to promote our Artisans’ products in the hope it will generate more income and greater production for them. This money will go to photo shoots, Facebook advertising and website promotion.

How you can help Uplift achieve these goals!

Phase 1. Contribution Cards

Uplift has 5 beautiful contribution cards available: $10, $50, $100, $500, $1000. Purchasing a contribution card will help Uplift Fair trade to continue to resource Artisan projects and create sustainable livelihoods for the disadvantaged and marginalised.

Purchase a Contribution Card