Our Team

Anna Spoore -  Director / Educator


Anna has spent the last two years travelling back and forth to India, speaking face-to-face with people living under the weight of unjust labour practices. Her aim: To “follow the thread” – a mission in seeking to understand the people and systems who are producing our clothes at different stages of the supply chain.

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David Shooter - Creative Manager

Dave makes art, design and stories, endeavouring to contribute to the movement for a fairer world.


Barbara Orrock - School Programs

Barb is a Fair Trade warrior. Her gentle spirit passionately conveys the hope of what it means to uplift those from injustice. As a librarian, she has an ability to envelop you in a story, and a desire to educate school children and communities. She has been an integral piece in developing various programs for schools and communities.


Carolyn Cowling

As part of the Western Sydney Fair Trade Network, Carolyn helps with the coordination of the Factory Shop, where she also sells a range of Fair Trade Project-based crafts. Carolyn has a penchant for detail and the displays at Our Emu plains factory are always being renewed and revisited by her handiwork.


Mary Spoore - Administration

Ever since Mary was a teenager and read ``A Tale of Two Cities``, she have been concerned about injustices between the powerful rich exploiting the poor. Since then her awareness has travelled from fiction to the real, present world. Mary is driven to help those suffering injustice and has a heart to serve the abused and marginalised.


Rob Spoore - Dispatch

 With a gentle heart for seeing people renewed, Rob goes faithfully about his work with a quiet, thoughtful enthusiasm.