Our Team

Anna Spoore

Anna Spoore -  Director / Educator


Anna has spent years travelling back and forth to India, speaking face-to-face with people living under the weight of unjust labour practices. Her aim: To “follow the thread” – a mission in seeking to understand the people and systems who are producing our clothes at different stages of the supply chain.



Lydia Dohnt

Lydia Dohnt - Assistant

 Lydia is enthusiastic about helping those around her while making sure the job gets done. Lydia is always finding new ways to help the environment while advocating ethical ways of living. Lydia’s ethical lifestyle mirrors her role working at Uplift as an executive assistant. Lydia’s job varies from serving customers at the shop front, helping customers through their inquiries, managing Uplift’s social media to hosting Fair Trade Events. Lydia’s work all contributes to supporting the artisans that make our lovely products.



Sophie Dohnt

Sophie Dohnt - Assistant

Sophie is passionate about ethical impact to create a better world. Sophie works closely with this value to make her best contributions to Uplift. Sophie spends most of her time at Uplift on the front-line serving customers, while exploring and strategising better solutions for Uplift.



Chad Sultana

Chad Sultana - Website & Tech Assistant

 Chad loves all things tech, utilising his skills to help achieve Uplift’s goals that may require assistance with technology. Chad is passionate about how technology affects businesses, the world that’s surrounded by tech, and how technology can create a better world. Chad spends most of his time at Uplift enhancing Uplift’s online presence, whether that be the design sides of things, video editing or looking into the backend of optimising Uplift’s website. 

Chad is motivated by his work at Uplift because he feels he has a purpose to serve. Chad enjoys contributing every bit of work for the support of Uplift’s artisans. Chad spends most of his time as the director of CoClear Developments, but he loves Uplift!

Carolyn Cowling

Carolyn Cowling - Product Coodinator/ Volunteer

As part of the Western Sydney Fair Trade Network, Carolyn helps with the coordination of stock display and storage. Carolyn has a penchant for detail and the displays at Katoomba shop are always being renewed and revisited by her amazing handiwork!


Pradeep -

Pradeep Krishnappa - Associate Director

Pradeep is passionate about creating sustainable livelihoods for artisans across the globe. Pradeep works close with Uplift's projects to ensure smooth communication between the artisans and Uplift. As an associate director for Uplift, Pradeep also works close with Uplift's core values and strategies for greater empowerment and impact.