About Us

Uplift Fair Trade is a Fair Trade organisation with a vision to educate and empower Australians and New Zealanders to uplift people all over the world through ethical purchase, creating opportunities for disadvantaged artisans. 

We exist to help grow the Fair Trade movement and put a stop to human trafficking and slavery. We are focused on achieving the ten principles of Fair Trade in all our actions.

We are a family-run small business located in the Lower Blue Mountains. We love traveling around Sydney and Canberra with our Portable shop sharing the message of Fair Trade.


Uplift want to help you become the answer to injustice. We do this through guest speaking and education, by making Fair Trade products more accessible through our Fair Trade Events and by engaging churches, schools, businesses and communities with practical change through ethical awareness.

Uplift Fair Trade supports Fair Trade organisations world-wide in a number of ways:

Selling Fair Trade Products.

Uplift Fair Trade aims to create unique selling opportunities for Fair Trade products, made by our Fair trade Artisan partners.


  • Our online shop shipping Australia and New Zealand wide
  • Wholesaling to other shops
  • Portable shop, going to markets, community groups.
  • Holding Fair Trade Events

Education on ethical purchasing

Uplift Fair Trade aims to educate and empower organisations and everyday Australians with information to help them make better consumer choices that ensure an ethical supply chain. We educate and empower groups to understand supply chains and create purchasing habits that make a positive difference in the lives of people who produce the products we use. We can also bring our Uplift portable shop to your Fair Trade event so you can take direct action as consumers by purchasing products that have been ethically sourced.

Empowerment through trade.

Uplift Fair Trade buys products and handicrafts directly from Fair Trade organisations and sells them at our portable shop. We do not buy on consignment, we pay the asking price direct to the seller at the time of purchase. This provides a reliable income for our suppliers who can sell their products internationally as well as in their local market. A portion of the money we pay Fair Trade organisations is set aside to help up-skill and empower producers, such as through education and training about saving schemes and financial management. Another portion goes towards development projects that benefit the artisans’ whole community. You can learn more about the Fair Trade organisations we partner with on our Our Projects Page. 

For a full description of the Fair Trade education programs we offer and how we facilitate empowerment through Fair Trade to communities all over the world, visit our Services page.