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Services we offer:

Guest Speaking and Education

Uplift Fair Trade guest speakers bring with them stories of hope from the projects Uplift Fair Trade supports – stories about real people whose lives are being transformed through Fair Trade. Uplift Fair Trade also offers interactive simulation games to help your group grow in understanding. Read More


Fair Trade Community Events

We provide community groups with education. We want to help you become the answer to injustice. We do this by providing resources for your group to hold a Fair Trade event where they can purchase products that bring hope for a better future to people living in poverty. Read More


Fair Trade Home Events

Have an Uplift Fair Trade Party in your home - Just invite some friends over and we'll do the rest. You can have a Fair Trade Chocolate Easter Party, a Fair Trade High Tea or our great Fair Trade Stories of Hope party. Read More


Fair Trade Wholesale

Interested in wholesaling beautiful Fair Trade items? Read More


Fair Trade Business Consulting

Are you a business with an interest in the ensuring an ethical supply chain for your products? Do you want to be able to grow your business based on Fair Trade principles? Uplift Fair Trade can help you. Read More