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Our products are lovingly made by artisans from India and Nepal and are all Fair Trade, ethical and sustainably made.


  • Get Fair Trade ethical, sustainable products discounted for being a wholesaler.
  • Introduce ethical and sustainable shopping to your retail store.
  • Wholesale orders made simple -  browse and purchase your products through our easy to use online shop once given access.
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Why Wholesale with Uplift Fair Trade?

We exist to help grow the Fair Trade movement and put a stop to human trafficking and slavery. We are focused on achieving the ten principles of Fair Trade in all our actions. 

  • We aim to be Ethical
  • We aim to be Empower disadvantaged people around the world
  • We aim to practice the Fair Trade principles in all our actions


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How Does It Work?

Here's a video on how to wholesale with us. More information can be found below the video.

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Who Makes The Products We Wholesale?

We work directly with projects all over the world (yes,we eliminate the middle man from the traditional supply chain). Each project we work with has a different aim and specialises in making different products.


See Our Projects


See the story below of some people and groups who make our products!



What’s so good about our products?

Ok, you probably get it, we are here to change the world, but what about the actual products? Here are some things you should know about our products.

  • Trendy and practical
  • Handmade using high-quality materials
  • World Fair Trade (WFTO) Certified

A lot of our products are colourful so our products will make your shop pop!


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Still have a question? Contact us at wholesale@upliftfairtrade.com.au if you need any wholesale assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we are friendly and would love to help.


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