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Fair Trade Ethical Non-Violent Silk Scarf

Little Flower

Fair Trade Ethical Non-Violent Eri Silk Scarf

Beautifully Hand-Woven Non-Violent 100% Eri Silk Scarf and available in an array of vibrant colours. As a scarf, shawl or a throw, this wonderful gift idea can be used for winter warmth and a classy way to accent your winter jacket, jumper or lounge!


Eri silk is a non-violent silk that comes from the empty cocoon of a silkworm to ensure no harm is being done to the worm itself. The filaments from the cocoon are then handspun into weft rolls, using a machine called a "Paretta", the Artisans make a hank. These hank threads are then soaked in coloured vats for dyeing. The dyed rolls, called Nari, are then taken for bobbin winding, spun into yarn rolls which is then warped (strengthened), onto a beam. After warping, the beam of threads are then taken to the Broadloom where it is then weaved by the weavers into the scarf. The scarf is carefully trimmed, cutting out any extra yarn and quality controlled. Finally rolled into a rotating steel cylinder press, called "Calendering" the finished product is then packed for shipment.

Size: 50 x 210 cm

Uplifting Artisans in India who have had leprosy, teaching them skills to make beautiful products. This project is from a WFTO. certified producer.

Check out the following link to see the full story of the artisans that made this product: - Little Flower