Wholesale Starter Packs

Wholesale "Try it Out" Pack 1

Uplift Fair Trade

Fair Trade Wholesale "Try it Out" Pack 1

5 x Fair Trade Ethical Upcycled Fabric Scrunchies Assorted 

3x Fair Trade Friendship Bands - Assorted

3 x Fair Trade Ethical Waffle Cloth

1 x Steel Jug  

2 x Steel Cups 

3 x Tea Towel

6 x Silence Cards of Choice 

3 x Handwoven Money Purses of Choice 

5 x Fair Trade Thin Metal and Resin Bangle

3x 3 Zip Suede Purse 

3 x Fair Trade Small Gift Tags (Assorted Set of 10) 

3 x Fair Trade Large Bell Various

3 x Fair Trade Paper Mache Cat Decoration 

3 x Fair Trade Ten Principles Bag Large