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Children Nepal is a Fair Trade Guaranteed organisation, non-profit civil society that works to promote the rights, welfare and development of children and families living on the margins of society. Children Nepal work directly with these families by offering programs that help them break away from the effects of discrimination, exploitation and violence based on their disability, gender and/ or social status. Children Nepal’s vision is to have “a society where children enjoy their rights”.

Children Nepal was founded 1999, and continues with the aim to empower women who are disadvantaged in low income families. They achieve this by developing their vocational skills in sewing and embroidery. Using these skills, the women gain an opportunity to become self-reliant and move up from the margins of society and allow them to earn a fair wage.

When you purchase a product made by Children Nepal through Uplift Fair Trade, you are helping marginalised and economically disadvantaged women improve their standard of living as well as improving the wellbeing of disadvantaged children. 


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