Fair Trade Chopping Board (Hand-Carved)


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Fair Trade Ethical Chopping Board (Hand-Carved Flower Pattern)

Chopping in the most ethical, sustainable and stylish way!

  • Crafted using hand-carved wood (rubberwood) that makes use of trees that have been previously cut down and used, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly product due to wood being repurposed. 
  • Elegant detailed flower design, making it an excellent homeware item too. It's hard to see this chopping board going out of style, especially for those who love flowers!

  • Small to medium in size. Perfect for chopping small foods and great for fitting in tight places.


Size: 34cm x 13cm


Who Made The Product - Hubli

Uplifting people from a South Indian hospital that rehabilitates patients who have been affected by leprosy, polio and disabling injuries. These Artisans are skillful in producing screen and block printing products and carved wooden articles.


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