Fair Trade Eco Shopping Bag


Fair Trade Ethical Eco Shopping Bag (Butterfly Design)

Make shopping easier by shopping ethically! A practical and ethical bag.


  • Versatile bag perfectly suited for carrying shopping, groceries or anything else that fits in the bag! This bag that can be folded and packed into a pouch which can easily fit snug into a handbag, purse or if you're lucky, even a pocket.

  • This product would make a thoughtful and practical gift to those who love butterflies and love shopping. This product is available in both pink and blue colours to get the best style you're after.

  • This product is made from repurposed cora, cotton and jute, making this bag sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • Ethically and sustainably made in accordance with the 10 Fair Trade Principles.


Size41cm X 38cm


Who Made The Product - Hubli

Uplifting people from a South Indian hospital that rehabilitates patients who have been affected by leprosy, polio and disabling injuries. These Artisans are skillful in producing screen and block printing products and carved wooden articles.


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