Fair Trade Natural Spa Kit

Sana Hastakala

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 Fair Trade Spa Kit    

Handmade bathroom/spa essentials.

Packaged in a recycled paper box the kit includes:

  • Allo face towel
  • Allo face scrubber 
  • Allo bath belt
  • Allo soap hanger 
  • Ceramic foot scrubber 
  • Himalayan Bio soap 

Health Benefits of: 

Allo - The Allo plant occurs naturally in forests at altitudes above 1500 meters. The inner bark of the stems yields fine strong fibres which are among the longest in the plant world. Allo can reduces the effects of eczema as well as acne. Allo fiber also may help eliminate warts when utilized topically, as well as reduces itchiness from nettle rash. It features a revitalizing impact on the scalp whenever utilized like a like a hair rinse and enables regrow both of hair as well as recover original colour. It works to ease dandruff while conditioning the scalp. 

Himalayan Bio Soap - This is a unique formulation of pure and natural ingredients from Nepal Himalaya. It is handmade and beneficial for face and body skincare. Made from Chiuri butter, Dhatelo Oil, Apricot oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, glycerin, natural colour, Cymbopogon essential oil.  

Stoneware Ceramic Foot Scrubber - Acts as a natural alternative for disposable foot scrubbers. Great for everyday use to reduce the build-up of dead skin on the foot. 


Who Made The Product - 

 Sana Hastakala 

Sana Hastakala is a Fair Trade Organization established in 1989, with the objective to meet the marketing requirements of handicraft producers who are mainly women and working on a small scale, usually from their homes. Project Sana Hastakala provides business development and community development programs to underprivileged groups, micro and small producers with the aim to uplift their socio-economic conditions. They promote traditionally inspired handcrafted products that reflect their unique culture and heritage. 


Please note that this product has various colours and designs. When you order this product we will choose at random and may not be the same as what is seen in the pictures.


This Producer Group is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and is a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization.  

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