Fair Trade Steel Collection Sky Blue Flower

Care Kashmir

Fair Trade Ethical Care Kashmir Steel Collection in Sky Blue Flower Design 

Lovingly handpainted steel enamelware (sold separately) in Sky Blue Flower Design comes in: 

- Jug, Great for a table centerpiece, can be used as a vase or simply as a decorative jug. 

- Cup, cute as a gift, great to get a couple or have one single as a special cup.

- Bowl, can be used as a small serving dish for nuts or other nibbly bits and pieces. 

- Spoon, dainty teaspoon great to match with the bowl, serve with it, mix with it or have it just for fun.  

The Steel Set range is great to give your kitchenware a bit more of a vibrant look. You can mix and match the designs and colours to best suit your home or get the whole set of a singular design. 

 Please note sizes of cups, spoons and bowls vary from previous we have had. 

Hand-painted steel from care Kashmir artisans. Designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural world and have been used To decorate cups, trays and jugs in the Kashmir region for generations.


  • Care Kashmir uplifts and empowers people with disabilities resulting from childhood illness such as polio

  • safe non-toxic paint used on steel

  • handpainted 



Jug - 19cm x 14cm 

Tall Cup - 12cm x 8cm

Bowl - 4.5cm x 11.5cm

Spoon - 12cm 


Purchasing a product from Uplift Fair Trade means you are purchasing a product that has been made by Artisans working towards Fair Trade practices and the 10 principles of Fair Trade. See more about the Fair Trade system we follow here: https://wfto.com/our-fair-trade-system


Who Made The Product - Care Kashmir

Care Kashmir was founded in 2007 with the main aim to help empower people in India who experience the effects of leprosy, polio and other childhood illnesses. While Care Kashmir works hard to upskill their artisan's craft abilities, they also pay their artisans fairly so each artisan can financially support themselves and their families.

When you purchase a product made by Care Kashmir through Uplift Fair Trade, you are helping those who experience the effects of leprosy, polio and other childhood illnesses improve their craft skills, and earn a fair, wage.

While we make every effort to make sure our colours and designs are true to our photos. Please remember everything on our website has been handmade and may not be exact as each item will have slight variations. No one product is exactly the same. Each and every one of our products are uniquely made.