Fair Trade V Neck Cashmere Poncho - Pink

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Fair Trade, Ethical V Neck Cashmere Poncho - Pink

  • Super soft, warm cashmere poncho 
  • One size fits most! 
  • 100% cashmere 

 These cashmere ponchos are handspun and handwoven by the local artisans of Sazgari Pora, from the Indian part of the Kashmir Valley. The wool produced by the goats of Kashmir is one of the finest, softest and best in the world. Cashmere refers to the fine wool that derives from the Changthangi or pashmina goat, indigenous to the high plateaus of the Himalayas. This product also ensures livelihood generation for over 150 home-based weavers.

 Available in Blue, Grey, Purple, Pink, and Green. See the rest here

Who Made The Product - 

Gee Eff

Gee Eff offers opportunities to weavers and artisans to earn secured income. As we know the kashmir valley is in distress for quite some time they try to get their artisan and local children education by making sure they go to local govt operated Nursery and Primary School under closed doors. Vocational training in weaving, hand knitting, sozni embroidery and carpet weaving is given to access a wide range of employment opportunities. Destitute women are offered home based work, education, and training. Gee Eff shawls also works to empower the local community and the wider population to take responsibility for themselves and their future. There are over 150 home based craftsmen working with the group and continue to support them. 

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