Fair Trade Ethical Cotton Upside Down Dolls

Children Nepal

Fair Trade Ethical Cotton Upside Down Dolls

A delightful soft cotton handmade doll with an embroidered face. On one side the doll is awake but when flipped she is asleep with a different coloured dress! This Fair Trade doll makes an excellent imaginative toy for a young child. 

14cm x 26cm

Children Nepal is a project based in Pokhara. Promoting the rights, welfare and development of children and youth living on the margins of society. Your purchase helps CN provide social and financial support for children from disadvantaged origins so that they are able to attend school - further CN is helping families break away from the effects of discrimination, exploitation and violence based on caste, disability, gender and social status.

Please note that this product has various colours and designs. When you order this product we will choose at random and may not be the same as what is seen in the pictures.

Purchasing a product from Uplift Fair Trade means you are purchasing a product that has been made by Artisans working towards Fair Trade practices and the 10 principles of Fair Trade.