Our support to Fair Trade Women's Run Business in India

by Sophie Dohnt February 05, 2020

Our support to Fair Trade Women's Run Business in India



About Blue Mango

Blue Mango is a self-sufficient business, making beautiful products that range from Kaftan tops and dresses to the cutest kids toys. The producer group follows the ten Fair Trade Principles to ensure each employee is treated right. Blue Mango is an empowering environment for the women who work there. Run by women for women, Blue Mango priorities employing women that are widowed, living with AIDs/HIV, have been or are experiencing domestic abuse or have been outcast or deserted for other reasons such as disability. Blue Mango supports over 50 women with all-day care for their children and health care provided as well as being able to have their own savings account so women can support themselves. They also cater their designs for the ability level of the women and provide training. As the business grows more women are able to take on higher up roles such as design making and quality control.

Our first deposit to MESH will help pay ($5000)  for our products from Blue Mango and other great producer groups in India. 

With so many exquisite products and an encouraging story of growth and hope, Uplift loves supporting and selling Blue Mango’s products. Early last year, 2019 owner Anna went to India on a business trip. She said she was “excited to see them working on and improving their sewing skills and developing their range”. The Uplift team has been working on the new lines of clothing and designs, handpicking what would suit the Katoomba community best. On the trip, we placed a sample order with Blue Mango from the new range of garments to sample in-store. Due to the fires we have had a lull in business and were worried that we would not be able to pay for the samples that are due to arrive soon. With the kind donations from our GoFundMe and support of the local and global community, we can pay this amazing producer group and support the development of their group. With this shipment of new samples that you helped purchase we are able to up our support for this group. This has a flow-on effect of expanding Blue Mango's capacity to support women. Increasing skills and giving opportunities for women to have a sustainable and dignified livelihood and support their families and community. 

Shop Blue Mango products: here  

Help Uplift support Blue Mango and other producer groups: here



Sophie Dohnt
Sophie Dohnt


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