The 4 Weeks of Christmas - Upcoming Christmas Specials

by Lydia Dohnt November 16, 2020

The 4 Weeks of Christmas - Upcoming Christmas Specials

Starting on the 16th of November through to the 13th of December we will be releasing special Christmas offers each week. Each special will only be available for the one week until the next special is released. We though we would let everyone know what these upcoming sales would be in advance so you can be prepared! 

Week 1 | 16th-22nd November

Zoo Bag

Great gift for kids. A super cute quiet toy that is easy to carry around and assists with imaginative play. If you buy a zoo bag in the week of we will send you your own personal 20% off discount code for the next time you shop with us! These Zoo Bags are handmade in Hubli, India. All the animals are silk screen printed and hand painted with non-toxic paint!  

Fair Trade Kids Toy - Soft Baby Zoo bagFair Trade Ethical Childrens Soft Toy


Hand Embroided Scarf

Absolutely stunning hand embroided woollen stole! This eye catcher is great for formal event, special occasions, or everyday wear! 

Free shipping for any of these beauties purchased in the week of 15th-21st of November! If you purchase other Fair Trade goodies at the same time as the scarf free shipping will be applied to the whole cart automatically after applying the discount code! 

 Use the code 'STOLE' to get your free shipping or click the link: 

Browse the scarfs here:

Fair Trade Hand Embroided Woollen Stole or Scarf

Week 2 | 23rd-29th November

Suitcase Organiser 

A great practical mens gift idea. These suitcase organisers come in a set of 3 and a super helpful for keeping things organised when traveling. 2 Free face masks with any suitcase organiser purchase. Please just add in the notes of your order what colour you would like! 

Fair Konnect Wrap Skirt

Made with Upcycled materials in India, this one size skirt is a great gift 

15% off your whole order if you purchase a wrap skirt in the week of the 23rd-29th of November! 

Use the code 'WRAPITUP' or the following link: 

See our Wrap Skirt Range here: 

 Fair Trade Ethical Wrap Skirt Fair Trade Ethical Wrap Skirt

Week 3 | 30th November - 6th December

Fair Trade Upcyled Robe - Buy 2 get the third 50% off

Handmade breezy upcycled polyester robe. Perfect for days at the beach or days at home! Buy 2 robes and get the 3rd 50% off! Great idea for gifting the same thing to a few friends or siblings to keep things even without loosing the personal touch! Add a little soap bar or chocolate to make a small pamper pack to go along with these incredible robes. 

Once you put 3 robes in your cart the discount will automatically apply! 

See our range of robes here:


FREE metal straw with ANY online purchase!

Take a step towards a more eco friendly lifestyle and ditch your plastic straws! We will be offering a free metal straw to any purchases online this week! (Straw will automatically be added to your order when we pack it!) 

Shop all:


Week 4 | 7th-13th of December

Pen Holder 

Get a FREE matching mini frame with any of our resin pen holders. Jazz up yours or a friends work desk with a pen holder and matching mini frame! All you need to do is add the pen holder to your cart and we will add the matching mini frame into your order when we pack it! 

See the floral designs: 

See the 'shade' designs:

Fair Trade Ethical Desk Decorations - Pen Holder and Matching Frame


Matching Necklace and Earring Set 

Beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. These matching sets are very special, handmade by individuals in North India, living with disabilities who use their skills to provide an income for themselves, their families and their community. These can be brought separately but if you by both together in the week of the 7th to the 13th of December you get 25% off the whole set!

Use the code "ALLSET" or the following link: 



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Lydia Dohnt
Lydia Dohnt


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