Fair Trade Ethical Embroidered Suede Clutch Purse Electric Blue-Assorted

Fair Trade Ethical Embroidered Suede Clutch Purse Electric Blue-Assorted

This colourful and elegant Electric Blue coloured Suede Clutch purse is unique with embroidered patterns on the front and the back. The embroidered designs vary.  It closes with a zipper and has a zipped pouch outside.  The loop at the corner for hanging up is in suede. These bags are made from suede off-cuts, saving on landfill. Every item is an original, no one item is exactly the same. The design on the bag that you see on the photograph does not exactly match the bag that you order.

 25 cm x 15 cm

This product uplifts Artisans in India who have a disability, often because of the effects of leprosy, polio and other childhood illnesses, empowering them to earn a living through making these items. To read more about this project please click this link.  Care Kashmir Story

Purchasing a product from Uplift Fair Trade means you are purchasing a product that has been made by Artisans working towards Fair Trade practices and the 10 principles of Fair Trade. https://wfto.com/our-fair-trade-system

For wholesale customers, we recommend you purchase 6 of these items at a time to give you a variety of colours and designs for your shop.

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